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About Preity started out as the bubbly, refreshing, cool and sultry Liril girl, but soon graduated to the spontaneous actor we know. Her performances in ‘Kya Kehna’, ‘Sangharsh’, ‘Veer Zara’ and ‘Salaam Namaste’ have been loved by all.

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Preity's personality puts her in a league different from the average Bollywood heroine. Her nature goes beyond the just being talented; she is known to have adopted 34 girls: " I'll be looking after their entire upbringing from education to food, clothes etc. " Ms Zinta also partly owns an IPL Mohali team – King’s XI Punjab.

Mumbai Mirror Journalist Should Be Suspended!" says an outraged Preity Zinta in her blog, after Mumbai Mirror published an article about her alleged link up with Vikram Chatwal.

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“You are a very talented actress! Your role in the recent 'Videsh' was very strong & powerful! Hope to see you in many more such avataars! Congratulations!" – writes Neha, a diehard Preity fan. Join in order to write to her.

Mumbai Mirror Journalist Should Be Suspended!
I am absurb. Very, very mad right now. It's ridiculous how media sits and writes anything they feel like without even the decency and the journalistic norm of contacting all parties - well in advance - for their side of the story. Well, it's almost as if, every time I’m out of the country, a new story is being cooked up about me. Furthermore, each time I return, new allegations fly in my face. I simply can't understand, that when someone publishes some stupid story about me, why is the onus on me to?

hey preity! com on dnt be so

hey preity!
com on dnt be so upset due to Ness.
u r a brave girl ...u cant be upset for dis.
whenever i feel like bore n dishearten i see ur smile n de i become happy..
u r a true indian girl...
keep rocking n haa u look very very good in indian n punjabi looks.

u r d talented actress of

u r d talented actress of r bollywood
u hav a grt sense of humour
besides u r so gorgeous & beautifull.
u did correct by dumping ness , he deserve that
i am ur great fan
missing u on silver screen
i hope u will reply me
we love u & adore u

she is so ugly and arrogant.

she is so ugly and arrogant.

Greetings from Punjab It’s

Greetings from Punjab
It’s high time to tame your fav captain Yuvraj Singh(said to be macho man). He seems more interested more in wild parties have juppies with you than concentrating on his cricket and his performance in IPL speaks for itself. The leverage given to him is rising to his head, which in no ways could be beneficial for Kings 11.
Though being a Punjabi, I must not write like this but better late than never. If he is got in team as an ordinary player he could better than what he is doing while leading the team as a captain. Still a long way ahead for kings to steer clear the path to semis and it could be traversed(with ease) with more responsive persons at helm.
Any way sorry to write a demoralizing piece and hope it will thrown in the dustbin but, if practiced, that will be a blunder.
Neel Kamal, Barnala(Pb.)

love her dimples

love her dimples

i like ur attitude tucci bade

i like ur attitude
tucci bade change ho g
tuhadi smile te sanu ape hi hassa aa janda hai


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