Melissa Berry Myspace Photo Leaked

Melissa Berry is an American model and Lingerie Football League (LFL) player. Melissa is one of the hottest girls performing in Lingerie Football events. Recently some of her uncensored photos leaked online by her ex-boyfriend. Mark C. Dawson is a professional lecturer is her X Boyfriend says that Berry gave her full consent for the photos.

Berry admits in her lawsuit that she allowed Dawson to take some nude photos of her but never gave him permission to do anything with them. One picture taken of her "engaged in a particularly private, intimate sexual act." She wants $15,000 for that photos.

Melissa Berry was born on July 23, 1984 in Downers Grove, Illinois so her age is 24. She has been modeling from a very early age and her figure measurements are 34-26-32.

She was an adult stripper before Lingerie Football player with the Tampa Breeze team. She plays as a linebacker and has also taken part in Ms.Bikini Universe and Model Universe.She is interested in arts, fitness and health.

The Lingerie Football League didn’t held game yet but already have a scandal. A league is full of beautiful sexy women playing football is a scandal it self.


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