Scary Halloween Lip Makeup: Photos

Take a look at some stunning and creepy Halloween lip makeup photos that cause a scare to anyone, from Spanish photographer and makeup artist - Eva Senín Pernas.

Halloween, one of the world’s oldest holidays, is celebrated in many countries across the world by making lamps from gourds, reading scary stories, watching horror movies, wearing scary costumes, etc. Halloween is also a great time to show your creativity and let your thoughts go wild. And in order to achieve the perfect scary look, you should have the right lip makeup that suits perfectly with your costume. Check out here Halloween lip designs created by a famous makeup artist from Spanish - Eva Senín Pernas, which are simple yet scary enough for your Hallow’s eve. Get in the Halloween spirit and see her amazing talent by browsing through the pictures given here and you’ll get instantly in the mood for some spooky holiday enjoyment. These scary Halloween lip art designs are too cool, and can’t be much useful on a regular basis, so the holiday is the best time to try them out and be original and unique.

How to Pay online SBPDCL Energy Bill in Patna Bihar?

Citizens of South Bihar can pay their electricity bill at the official site of SBPDCL by net banking or debit/credit card from anywhere, at any time.

Private and public electricity producing organizations in India have created online payment portal to make it easy for their consumers to pay their bills. Online electricity bill payment service is established in almost every states of India. It saves time and makes you free from standing in long queues, plus you can pay your bills at your own convenient time. Now, citizens of Bihar and Patna can also do payment of their bills online on official site If you are not aware that from where you get your electricity supply - NBPDCL (North Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd) or SBPDCL (South Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd), then check your bill to find out.

online electricity bill payment service for Bihar on

Expectation Vs Reality of Men Traveling alone in Airplane

Different thoughts come up in the minds of men while traveling alone in airplane, but there is a huge difference between their expectation and reality.

Thousands of people travel alone in flights daily for many reasons like going for a business trip, lack of a partner or friend with the same travel plans and interests, etc. It’s obvious that wherever we go alone, either by bus, train or plane; our mind is constantly thinking one or the other thing and a number of ideas come up; however it’s not necessary that whatever we think always happens. Sometimes, the reality is totally different that we have never even thought in our dreams also. This is not only the case of a single person; mostly all people face this type of situation in their life. Now let’s go through in detail what men imagine while traveling alone in flight and what is the reality.

Expectation: you get your life partner who comes from rich family so that you can spend a lavish life without hard work and much effort.

couple in flight

Types of Friends you surely have

Each group of friends is different yet same. Check out here some different types of friends that exist in each and every friend circle.

We all have friends, who make our lives more interesting and happy. These are people, with whom we share all our dark secrets, dreams, thoughts, feelings and frustrations. We love them and we know for sure that they will support us no matter what. Of course, each group of friends is different from one another but interestingly they all have a set of stereotypically similar people! Given below are some common types of friends that are present in almost all groups. Check them out here and you’ll surely find majority (or all) of them in your circle.

The surname friend

ranveer and anushka as college students

Everyone in the group calls the person by his/her surname. We often don’t remember his/her full name. Even if someone mentions it, we deny knowing a person with such name!

Cool pumpkin carvings patterns that shock you

Take a glance at rarely seen cool, crazy and creative pumpkin carvings patterns and Pumpkin sculpting patterns that will definitely shock you.

Pumpkin carving is a very interesting hobby and it is fun and creative. It is impossible to image a happy and fun filled Halloween without cool pumpkins as it adds uniqueness to the Halloween season. The trend of Pumpkin carves and Pumpkin sculpts for wedding, thanksgiving and other occasions is also rising just like Halloween. Looking for the amazing and cool pumpkin carving patterns? Here are some of the most cool pumpkin carvings and Pumpkin sculpting patterns, including cool carved pumpkins by American sculptor Ray Villafane that will surely shock you.

Ganesh pumpkin carving, cool carvings, cool carvings pictures

Top 20 Sexiest Wags of all time

Wags (wife and girlfriend of athletes) are always in news for their relationship. Here you can check out the stunning image gallery of the top hottest and sexiest wags of athletes.

Athletes have not only fame, fortune, legions of adoring fans and countless endorsement, but they also have some of the most gorgeous wives and girlfriends of all time who are always ready to date with them. Generally, the wives and girlfriends of high-profile & sportsmen are known as WAGs. Mostly, women get involved with athletes due to their high profile career or status. They love the players themselves, their wallets, or sometimes both. All WAGs have a small amount of fame - it comes with the territory- but their fame extends far beyond when they hook up with anyone. Like so many idiotically exclusive clubs, these ladies are always beautiful and talented or rich enough to finance their own business ventures, giving the impression of talent. Also, they have made a name for themselves, many on a worldwide stage. At present, many sportsmen are known for having smoking-hot and gorgeous women on their arm, whether they are girlfriends or wives. Get to know the sexiest and hottest women, who've ever linked up with an athlete. The photos of hottest WAGs show you the benefits of being a great athlete, so enjoy!

Photos of Top Sexiest WAGs of all Time:

torrie wilson image

SEWA bill payments Guide: Pay bill of Sharjah Electricity & Water

Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) customers can pay their bills in different ways, let’s see them in detail here so that you can follow whichever best suits you.

Mostly all agree that foods, clothes, shelter, electricity and water are basic necessities for our day to day life. How could we live a life without these above things? It’s beyond imagination - right. So we all wish to get these things in our home in a fast, secure and hassle-free way. Nowadays mostly people prefer online way as it has several benefits like no need to stand in long queue, buy items and pay bills from the comfort of home or office, etc. If you are living in Sharjah, then you can pay your electricity and water bills in many ways available including SEWA customer service offices, Emirates post offices, online, etc., so go through it and choose the most convenient way for you.

pay bills online

Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) is always committed to offer high quality supply of electricity, water and gas, and constantly expand its facilities to get the superiority in securing consistent services that would meet the increasing demand and surpass the future requirements and expectations of their customers. Moreover, different e-facilities like online bill payments and payments through the banks and Emirates are offered in order to deliver more convenient services for the customers.

Don't Throw Scissors

A college prank goes horribly wrong, leaving a student impaled by a pair of scissors.

I really feel bad for this guy. This is rather clearly not an isolated incident, he probably has to deal with this shit on a consistent basis. That's a big problem with social situations, when you're the minority it becomes a war of attrition as things slowly erode at your self control and when you snap it's entirely your fault as your single action is much worse than any one of the thousands of injustices you have suffered.

Reasons Why Gujarati Girls are Best to Date

No matter if you are an Indian, American or live anywhere in the world, once you get to know about the awesome reasons for dating Gujarati girls, you will surely get attracted to them.

Guys have various questions in their mind when they are looking for a girl to date, including where to find a perfect girl? Or what type of girl would be right for dating and many more. Boys always like girls, who would complement his typical personality well. Especially, when you want a long term relationship, you find a girl to date who is charming, honest, true, loving, intelligent and with many other qualities. Well, here is the solution of your problem. Have you ever dated a Gujju Girl? There is something really captivating about these Gujarati Girls. Here is the list of such attractive characteristics that make Gujarati girls best to date.

Reasons Why Gujarati Girls are Best to Date

Most Charming

No doubt that girl looks hot in short dress, but Gujarati girls look very gorgeous whatever she wears whether it is sari or shorts. Nearly all of them are blessed with good looks, so whatever completion - fair or dark, these Gujju girls are just succeeding to win the heart of anyone. And best thing is here that they will never be egotistic about their beauty.

Rashmi Desai

Big Troubles of Having Big Boobs

Wanna look sexy with Big Boobs, but wait! There are also some troubles that simply embarrass you in public also in your privacy, just have a look.

Female body shape holds amazing sexy curves, at busts, at waist and at hips. The natural fuller figure with big boobs, big hips and a big booty is just spoiling a guy. Big boobs are surely great and natural attraction for men even most women who have them like them, but do you know that there are also some big troubles for which woman hate their big boobs. They can’t wear anything, because they automatically look sexual in whatever they wear. Also they can’t run swiftly, sleep on stomach, and do simple workouts pushups, etc. It’s true that as women we usually like a little attention, however as women with large breasts get too much, that’s embarrassing! Even in some situations, this unnecessary attention tagged you with LOL, so beware!

Bikini body

Sorry dear! But you haven’t that sexy, hot bikini body. Let's face the truth, and try to shape your body for cool styles, clothes and fashions you want to wear.


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